Pendulm Magic

THE EFFECT: You ask a spectator to draw a straight line on a piece of paper roughly 3 inches. You get your spectator to hang the pendulum above the paper and concentrate on the line.

After a short while the pendulum starts to move EXACTLY ALONG THE LINE ON THE PAPER! You change the direction of the line and the pendulum changes direction. A great impromptu effect with no preparation needed!

THE SECRET: This trick is done without any gimmick and actually shows the unconscious mind at work. After having drawn the line place the pendulum above the paper roughly an inch. Get your spectator to hold onto the pendulum and concentrate on the line. Doing this they are shutting off any stimulus and entering a semi hypnotic trance.

After a few seconds the pendulum will really move in the direction of the line. Some other patterns you can try on the paper is a circle or a cross. With the cross there are two lines concentrating on any one line the pendulum will move in that direction. Concentrating on the other line the pendulum will change direction! Try it, it's fun!

Your unconscious actually moves the pendulum, without you actively doing anything.

TIP: If after a small while the pendulum is not moving tell your spectator that the pendulum will start to move. This usually helps the effect along.