"I got started in magic at a young age. I was inspired and encouraged by my peers and adult leaders in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and in no small part by this book"

~Isaac Wright

Our goal is to perform for our youth and help them raise money to be able to pay for the program and experience its full benefits. We support youth programs and their leaders who help shape our future generation. Your fundraiser is about more than an amazing magic show, it's about having fun, making new friends, and funding new adventures.

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How it works

The Wright Entertainment makes it easy to raise money... and I mean extremely easy. We do 90% of the work and your group will keep up to 55% of sales PLUS profit boosters! You will be provided with flyers, posters, tickets, documentation, giveaways, and tips and tricks that will boost funds raised for your organization.

Your organization will be selling tickets to friends and family to attend fully customized Magic Show. But before the show, we provide incentives to the children. This will ensure a great turn out for your fundraiser. These include:

  • Personal appearance and 15 minute magic show and fundraiser explanation to inform the children and get them excited to sell tickets and attend the full show
  • Prizes for each child who sells over a certain number of tickets
  • The child who sells the most tickets will be part of the show!

What are you waiting for?

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