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Comedy Mentalism

Whether its as intimate as one on one or presented to a packed house, Isaac M. Wright craftily combines aspects of magic, psychology, cold reading, and comedy to create an amazing spectacle that will not soon be forgotten.  

These elements create an amazing time tested show that will leave you guessing but most importantly leave your guests amazed at the success of your event! 

psychological Readings

To add a unique and personal touch to your event Isaac M. Wright is qualified to offer a psychological test and reading to each of your guests.  Afterwards, they will be given a personalized analysis to take home ensuring they will remember your occasion for years to come.

This test was specifically designed by Isaac M. Wright to offer a fun look into your personality, romance, and vocation.  The test is never incorrect and intended for entertainment purposes only.

Call (661) 549-1561 to reserve your date for your event or party.