"No matter the group, big or small, The Wright Entertainment is always the Best Entertainment."

~Sara Jones (Educator)

"The Wright Entertainment is simply perfect.  It was 100% hands off for me.  They worked out every detail, provided everything we needed, and put on an amazing show. They really are magical."

~Don Welsh (Business Owner)

Our Story

Originally each their own separate performer, this group of magicians was drawn together by their shared love for magic and the magical arts. As they became closer, they each found their own strengths within the group and began to help each other - each performer granting his expertise to the others to create the best entertainment experience possible.


It became clear to Isaac Wright that the best possible way to continue to bring the quality and simplicity of a perfectly crafted entertainment experience was to take all the individual pieces and compile them together. This well oiled machine is now known as The Wright Entertainment. Since then, they have been creating hassle free Entertainment around the world as The Wright Entertainment.